Invisor displays technical information about your video and audio files.

It is based on MediaInfo library and shows detailed info about file's container and data streams including video, audio, subtitles and chapters.

Last release: v2.5.8, 2014-04-15, OSX 10.6+ (changelog)

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Invisor Lite – free version of Invisor (without export and comparison functionality)

Last release: v2.0.6, 2013-07-10, OSX 10.6+ (changelog)



Invisor QuickLook Plug-In (Beta)

Supports movie files, except Apple formats like MOV and MP4.

Installation: unzip and copy to ~/Library/QuickLook folder and run qlmanage -r in Terminal (or re-login)

Last release: v1.0, 2014-02-03, OSX 10.6+



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